Our churches, both called St Andrew's

St Andrews PWBereko church
The link between the churches in Paddock Wood and Bereko started in 2006, the same year that a Diocesan Link was established between Rochester and Kondoa Dioceses.  Paddock Wood is in Rochester Diocese and Bereko is in Kondoa Diocese.
Chrsi Dobson in Bereko
Our relationship started with a visit to Kondoa Diocese by the vicar at the time, Rev'd Chris Dobson (right), during which Bereko was chosen as one of two of the first parish links. 

This was followed by a group of 16 people visiting Bereko in 2007 and we have not looked back since!  We visit Bereko usually every two years and we always made very welcome by the church and the whole community.  It is our second home.

Our friendship tree was planted in 2006 and is growing well. This picture was taken in 2018.
We visit Bereko usually every two years and keep in touch in between visits mostly by messaging and sending pictures and videos on WhatsApp!  We pray for each other and pray for individuals' circumstances too as we all get to know each other.  It is very humbling to know that people from the other side of the world are praying for you.

It was wonderful that Bishop Given of Kondoa was able join the service at Rochester Cathderal when our vicar, Rev Bryan Knapp was made a Canon in 2015.  The picture below shows Bryan with Bishop James of Rochester and Bishop Given of Kondoa.
Bryan canon
Rev'd Rachael Knapp, Bryan's wife, was able to join Bishop James on his visit to Tanzania in 2014 and below is a picture of Rachael in Bereko with Eva Suki and Faith Msema, a church elder and Primary School teacher.
Eva Rachael and Faith

Our partnership certificate, signed by Bishop James of Rochester and Bishop Given of Kondoa, presented in Kondoa Cathedral in October 2018.

Paddock Wood Bereko
If you would like to learn more about life at St Andrew's Paddock Wood, the link is here.