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Exciting news from Rev Richard Suki!
10 new chairs have been bought for the church


The parish church for Bereko is called St Andrew's, signifying the strong link with its sister church, St Andrew's, Paddock Wood. Within the parish there is another church in the village of Kikilo - please see further information here about Kikilo and its church life

St Andrew's building was constructed in 2009 by the Kondoa Diocese, with support from St Andrew's, Paddock Wood.  Previously there had been no chuch building and the Christians had worshipped in open air.
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The pastor at St Andrew's is Rev Richard Suki.  His wife is Eva and they have five children, four girls and one boy.  The youngest, Sarah, is still in education.Richard and Eva 2018
Bereko is a majority Muslim community, with a population of 7,226 (2012 census data) and the church family is small in comparison. 
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Richard, Eva and the Christians in Bereko work hard to share the good news of Jesus Christ through home visits, evangelical conferences and by witnessing for him as they participate in community life. The picture below shows an evangelical conference in 2017.
Everyone praising Jesus
This video shows the music and dancing of church worship, at a service in October 2018.

Brother pastors sharing the motorbike
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