April 2021

The Bereko Garden Group held a planning meeting in January, one year on from the start of the project, to review work to date and agree the next steps.  There have been some valuable lessons learned in the first year and it was encouraging that there is still so much enthusiasm for the project, despite problems, such as a water tank collapsing, crops dying due to lack of water or learning just how essential it is to have a dedicated farm hand.

For the coming year, a budget is now agreed, this includes the cost of the farm hand, fuel for the diesel pump and a lorry load of manure for the bananas. 

The acre of land being farmed is on the edge of the village, off the main road and not very visible to most people. So the Group has decided to set up four demonstration plots in different locations in the village.  In this way they hope to be able to provide inspiration, education and support for the whole community. These demonstration plots will grow tomatoes and sweet peppers.

The Group is also hoping to send four people on a study trip to projects managed by MCDO, the local part of Livingstone Tanzania Trust, who have been providing such excellent project management support throughout. This study trip will be to learn about modern methods of chicken husbandry, the next planned stage of work for the Group.  For the coming year, we will be supporting MCDO in their continued project management support, at four visits per month to Bereko.

Please click on the picture below to see a video of the main acre plot this month and other pictures of progress since January.
Video still

Planning meeting in January 2021

BGG planning meeting Jan 21Planning meeting Jan 21

Bananas underplanted with beans January 2021

Jan 21 Bananas and beans

More crops January 2021

Tomatoes Jan 21WhatsApp Image 2021-01-29 at 2

The next batch of seeds planted April 2021

April 2021