August 2020

There are celebrations because the Group has had its first harvest!

This period of learning has not been without its struggles: heavy rain and flooding, then dry soil and the collapse of the frame holding one of the irrigation tanks and the Coronavirus which kept people at home for a time.

The plan is to harvest three crops a year.  We are waiting for pictures of the first harvest but know that the tomatoes and bananas were very successful, the onions are still growing and the papayas died.

A new water tank has now been puchased, a diesel pump has been puchased to bring water from under the nearby river up to the tanks and a concrete plinth has been built for the tanks.  These are all investments that will prove beneficial over the months and years to come.

The Group is now busy sowing and planting again. The pictures below show the new water pump and water tanks and concerete plinth.
New diesel water pumpNew diesel water pump June 20New concrete plinth Aug 20New water tanks on new plinth